Laser Dentistry

The advantage of soft tissue lasers is that they allow our practice to perform a variety of procedures painlessly and quickly.   Lasers are used for a wide variety of procedures but the important thing to know is that they are safe, gentle, effective and comfortable for the patient.  Because lasers close nerve endings and blood vessels, these procedures can be performed without any bleeding or post-operative pain, as well as faster healing.

Examples of procedures that can be accomplished using the Soft tissue (Diode) laser are:

  • Removing excess gum tissue
  • Cosmetic gum recontouring
  • Periodontal services such as gum pocket disinfection and debridement
  • Gum “Lift”

These procedures can help improve the appearance of the “gummy smile” and allow us to reshape the symmetry and harmony of your smile quickly and painlessly!

There is very little healing time, and the Soft Tissue laser allows us to improve your smile in a matter of minutes.

Lasers can also be used as an adjunct to periodontal (gum ) treatment where the laser allows deep penetration into the pocket without a surgical incision.  Because of the specific wavelength of the laser, it gently and thoroughly disinfects the pocket painlessly. It also allows faster healing and no swelling after the procedure.


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