Dr. Sever’s newspaper articles about nutrition and tooth decay

Dr Sever is involved in the community and is interested in all enjoying good health. The doctor has created a series of articles answering many of the questions you may have regarding your nutrition and what it takes to have a happy and healthy smile. Please take a moment to read some of these articles. We are sure that you will benefit and enjoy reading them.

A New Solution Using Dental Technology (download)
Eat Well/Be Fit
The link between childhood obesity and tooth decay

In addition to the links above, Dr. Sever also wrote the following articles:

Those Elusive ZZZZZs, Living Well Magazine May 2010
A Grilling on Drilling, Living Well Magazine March 2008
Brush With Recession, Living Well Magazine January 2009
Nutrition and Oral Wellness, Patriotledger.com
A grilling on drilling, ma-needham.civicplus.com

As an alumnus of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Sever also spends time as a clinical instructor teaching dental students at Harvard. Dr. Sever is also a professional contributor to the Krames Medical/Dental patient educational series.


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