Interview with Dr. Sever on CBS Radio

Recently, Dr. Sever was featured on a two hour radio interview on Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ-1030am CBS radio to talk to listeners and answer questions about sleep apnea! If you missed it you can listen here or the audio player below.


Get yourself a good night sleep

Over 50% of all adults do not routinely ​get enough sleep. Snoring and Sleep Apnea are two leading reasons for poor sleep that leaves you tired and foggy. One out of 4 adults has sleep apnea and the chances get higher with age. If you snore, the chances of having sleep apnea are doubled!

If you SNORE and/or have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and have been prescribed a CPAP machine to wear on your face, and can’t (or don’t want to) sleep with it, there is another solution. Dr. Sever is a Board certified ( expert in dental sleep medicine and can provide a custom-fitted, FDA approved and comfortable oral appliance. The rate of success of oral appliance therapy is excellent though not everyone is a candidate.

Dr. Daniela Sever has helped scores of patients regain deep sleep by using their oral device. Patients report quiet and restful nights, increased energy levels, improved outlook, cheerful attitude, weight loss, stabilization of their blood pressure, and many other healthy changes.


About Dr. Sever

Dr. Sever is ABDSM Certified. Stand apart in dental sleep medicine with an elite board certification that sleep physicians know and respect. ABDSM Diplomate status is the gold standard in dental sleep medicine – demonstrating that a dentist has the technical skill, in-depth knowledge and professional judgment to provide optimal oral appliance therapy care. Use the power of ABDSM board certification to build a firm foundation for your dental sleep medicine practice with physicians, payors and patients – and position your practice for more referrals, more collaborative partnerships and more growth.

Dr. Sever’s office is an AADSM Accredited Facility. Dental Sleep Medicine facilities that have earned AADSM accreditation have demonstrated that they meet the AADSM’s high standards of proficiency, professionalism and quality patient care.


See what our patients say

Learn about the oral devices

Our preferred type of oral appliance is the Somnomed MAS. This is a very comfortable appliance and is an option though there are others available. It allows you to talk, drink, and move your jaw while it is in your mouth. There are other models of oral appliances from Somnomed available, and Dr. Sever will determine the most appropriate one for you.




The MicrO2 is designed to be the smallest and most comfortable custom-made jaw advancement device available. It is intended to offer the most tongue space, as well as the ability to open and close during wear. The MicrO2 device holds the lower jaw in a slightly forward position, thus gently moving the throat tissues away from the back of the throat. This opens the way for airflow and helps reduce snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.



ResMed’s Narval™ CC is engineered to offer patients greater comfort than ever before to help them adhere to therapy. A mandibular repositioning device (MRD) that’s designed specifically for the treatment of adult obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Narval CC uses an optimized articulation method that maintains the mandible in an advanced position, along the occlusal plane to providing superior patient comfort while enabling effective treatment.




Understanding Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is the vibration sound of a narrowed airway where the air is trying to get through. Snoring is often quite annoying and disruptive to your bed partner but it can signify a much more serious disorder: sleep apnea. This is the word for complete collapse of your throat muscles​ ​so that you stop breathing. This can happen several hundred times in the night! No wonder that people with sleep apnea wake up exhausted, sluggish, and run a high risk for associated ​issues such as ​heart disease, diabetes, ​fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, obesity, and many others. We are here to help you with the process of finding the right solution for you. There are treatment options and there are sleep hygiene techniques that will allow you to regain your life and wake up refreshed!

Apnea is the lack of breath, which results in an acute lack of oxygen and rising levels of Carbon dioxide (the gas that carries waste out). Your brain senses the lack of oxygen and causes you to wake up in order to restart the breathing cycle.

Take back control of your life!

Going through life tired and irritable is not necessary. We are supposed to feel renewed and refreshed in the morning, not exhausted, achy and cranky. Dr. Daniela Sever is trained to recognize, assess and treat sleep disordered breathing. She can help you find relief or eliminate your problem altogether. Don’t let Sleep Apnea kill you or your relationships!

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Frequently asked questions

Q :  What if I don’t have sleep apnea, but I just snore loudly?
The fact is, that unless you have a sleep study there is no knowing if you actually stop breathing in the night. Sleep tests are administered in a sleep center, or can also be Home test units which are dispensed at a sleep center. If it turns out that there is no apnea, an oral device is the ideal treatment for to help you stop snoring.

Q:  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a long time ago.  Is it too late to do something about it now?
Chances are that the sleep apnea is still present, especially if you still have the typical symptoms of fatigue and morning grogginess.  And yes, you can and should do something now!

Q:  I have sleep apnea, but I am not tired at all!  My wife says I snore, but I don’t believe it.
If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and don’t feel tired, that means your body is compensating for the lack of sleep and lack of air by working extra hard to give you the oxygen you need.  Because of the increased load on the body, sleep apnea is considered the silent killer as it is associated with many serious disorders.

Q: What are the health problems I could develop with sleep apnea?
Because our bodies and minds depend on oxygen for growth and support, the chronic lack of it, combined with the nightly struggle and wakefulness result in many dire health consequences. Some of these are: stroke, diabetes, heart attack, heart rate abnormalities, lack of libido or impotence, elevated blood pressure, depression and anxiety, acid reflux, and others.

Q: How do I know if the oral device is working?
Dr. Sever can provide a home sleep test to verify that the oral device is allowing you to breathe fully and sleep soundly. The home sleep test is a convenient way to record sleep and breathing and is a wireless, easy to use device. Based on your results Dr. Sever may adjust the appliance in order to provide maximum effectiveness and benefit to you. Dr. Daniela Sever will work closely with your sleep physician or your primary care doctor to ensure the best treatment.

Q: Which oral device will I get?
There are multiple and varied oral devices available . They are all custom fit to your mouth and facial structures and we ensure that the fit is accurate. Every oral device is thin like a retainer and it allow s you to talk, drink, and move your jaw while it is in your mouth. Based on your individual needs, Dr. Sever will determine the most appropriate model for you.

Q: OK! I want help with my sleep apnea! Where do I start?

Great! Contact our offices for a free, no obligation consultation to see if you could be a candidate for our sleep apnea treatment. Call 617-328-4050 or email





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